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Welcome to Songs For Me, where you can personalize children’s products for that special child in your life! Songs For Me offers everything from singing alarm clocks, singing teddy bears, Music CD's, interactive storybook CD's, and many other wonderful products to make your child feel loved and special. You will delight in seeing your child's face light up when they hear their name as part of a song or story. Our personalized products will spark your child's imagination, and at the same time help them to learn their ABC's, 123's and other important lessons.

Personalized products make the perfect gift no matter what the occasion. Children will love to listen over and over again and you will always be remembered as the gift giver because you are able to personalize the label with your own dedication to the child. Many places charge $2 extra for this dedication label. We include it at no additional charge!

We have a huge database of names and it keeps growing every day. Find your child's name and order your personalized products today!

Personalized music

Personalized music builds name recognition and self-esteem by singing your child’s name many times throughout each song, while capturing imagination with contagious music and lyrics!

Personalized story books

Our personalized storybook CD’s are fun stories with colorful pictures that are read aloud on the computer and includes your child’s name as part of the story!

Personalized posters

Choose your favorite character poster and we will print your child’s name and a personalized message from you—right on the poster!

Personalized alarm clocks

You child will tell you that there's no better way to wake up than listening to your very own song first thing in the morning!

Singing plush animals

Download your favorite personalized song. Your kids will love their favorite plush animal singing to their name.

Personalized name poems

Imaginative poems created using each each letter in your child's name.